BCM325: Peer Commentary and Reflection

To summarize my three comments, I have contributed to 3 peers by stating what I believe or experienced to their project topic. I supported my stance with background research and statistic proof. To further help them with their project, I have made few suggestions on what to explore to help them achieve their objectives, hopefully it would help. I aim to develop better critical thinking by understanding how the future will look like, to achieve this I intended to learn my peer’s project by focusing on future predications in different contexts.  



Amanda’s project reminded me of the following quote,  

“We developed a sense that the planet and its ecology has been changed and even diminished by human actions” – Wendell Bell  

Climate change was influenced with human activity such as cutting down rainforests farming livestock and fossil fuels. It caused greenhouse gases in the atmosphere which increases global warning and greenhouse effect. The consequence we had to deal with is the damaged food and water security. It is challenging to feed everyone on earth; therefore, many are finding alternative to survive or even help the environment by going plant-based.  

I believe my feedback to Amanda’s project will help her develop her project as the article I suggested include everything she might need.  



Richard and Ellix project are similar, both projects reminded me of the following quote, 

“History is often the story we tell ourselves about who we want to be” – Wendell Bell 

I believe this quote is perfect as it shows a lot of promise for the future. It is giving users an immersive experience. Many businesses have been leveraging this key feature and has been further developing and processing VR products and service advancement to cater to almost all aspect of our lives such as dreams, games and trainings.  


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